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EcoSmart Fire + radiant heaters

Comfort and ambiance

Pair an EcoSmart Fire with our all-new collection of HEATSCOPE® Heaters for the ultimate experience. Install a sleek award-winning heater above to keep you at your most comfortable temperature while you enjoy the ambiance and beauty of your fireplace. Combining the two ensures you can spend more time in your outdoor spaces, even during colder seasons.

About HEATSCOPE® heaters

Electric infrared radiant heaters are practical, functional, and eco-friendly. Unlike traditional heaters that distribute warm air, infrared heaters use rays to directly warm the surfaces and people within its reach. The feel is similar to the comfortable warmth of the sun on your skin.

Features & benefits

  • Award winning: Delivers pleasant heat without distraction. Clean-cut, modern designs and colors easily blend into any decor
  • Fast heating: Noticeable heat within milliseconds and 100% heat within 15-60 seconds.
  • Weather-resistant: All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water and wind.
  • No aggressive red light: Produces a very ambient, modest light based on double carbon heating elements.